We aspire to create spaces that bring people & ideas forward.

We envision & build innovative economic spaces that provide local services or help businesses and entrepreneurs grow in enriched modern collaborative settings.

A Mission & Passion

To build modern business Communities By Investing In people, culture & developing innovative spaces.

Avenir Immo is a community driven real estate firm. We believe in building communities that stand the test of time by investing in quality design, championing innovation and always putting our clients first.

Our properties stand in service of the neighbourhoods in which they are built, and add value to the people that work in them, or use them. Carefully crafted with both fashion and function in mind, our spaces support the needs of entrepeuneurs and community.





Authenticity & Transparency




Authenticity & Transparency


Authenticity & Transparency

Leadership Team

OUR passionate and qualified team is our greatest strength And a source of pride.


Simon Berman, born and raised in Montreal, has nearly 20 years of experience in developing and operating self-storage facilities. He is the initial founder and managing partner of the Montreal Mini-Storage Group (MMS), opening his first location in 2003 by converting a distressed industrial building into a fully operational self-storage facility.


CPA, CA with over 15 years of experience including public Accounting at Ernst & Young; Richter US Consulting focusing on transactions, M&A and Restructuring practice. Igor acted as VP Finance for 5 years in Canada’s largest SMB lender, leading through a successful exit while overseeing finance, accounting and operations. Igor is leading the finance, accounting and data analytics functions at MMS and is key in enhancing its capital strategy.


Ryan is a seasoned legal professional holding a B.Sc., LL.B., and J.D. Since his call to the Quebec Bar in 2015 and the Ontario Bar in 2021, he has accumulated extensive experience in various facets of the legal field. His career encompasses a wide spectrum of legal work, from managing a successful private practice to serving as in-house counsel at a prestigious luxury fashion brand. In addition to his legal expertise, Ryan has demonstrated his commitment to community and leadership. He continues to contribute his skills to numerous boards and committees in various organizations. As the Director of Legal Affairs at Avenir, Ryan leads the company's legal endeavors, leveraging his comprehensive knowledge and experience to navigate the legal landscape of Avenir’s businesses and opportunities.


With over 13 years of experience in the self-storage industry, Andrea has worked with multiple industry leaders in both a fast-paced and innovation-driven environment. Managing acquisitions, operations and development, Andrea has accumulated a diversified scope of knowledge within the market. With her experience she aims to grow the MMS portfolio to become the largest Self-Storage company in Quebec.


With over 15 years experience in Construction management and development, Charles is well versed in all aspects of construction phases: predevelopment, design, construction, and post delivery building management. With sound technical skills and vast experience with industrial, commercial and institutional projects, his focus is on 4 pivotal axes for all projects: budget, schedule, quality and security. Charles oversees his team of project managers and all of MMS needs with new builds, transformation and maintenance projects.


Born and raised in France, Harry has over 15 years of marketing and BI experience. He brings specializations in lead generation, revenue management and marketing analytics to the table. While working for the largest residential real estate company in Canada, he contributed to the switch to data driven decisions and the development of a custom yield management solution. He has worked in very diverse fields, such as new tech, B2B, supply chain management, real estate and fundraising.


Margaux Chetrit joined Avenir in 2021 as director of business development and public affairs. Since joining the group, she has led Clickspace, an innovative project designed to support economic recovery and growth at the heart of Montreal's ecommerce community. Margaux has focused on impact, strategy and partnerships throughout her career in government, business and healthcare and she continues to do so in her role within the organization. Margaux Chetrit holds a BA from McGill University; and an MA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is a staunch proponent of civic engagement and has played an integral role in many charitable and public endeavours, including serving on the boards of academic and cultural institutions. She has lectured and written extensively on building bridges between nations, human rights and the arts and continues to devote her time and energy in support of those causes.

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